Allienage - Fly (Original Mix)
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ARYAN SIDHIS | Valencia | España | @aryansidhis 

Aryan was my first student and also the person who encouraged me to create the first course "MIX & MASTER PRO!" - This course would not be a reality without its credibility in my knowledge. It was at the end of a class sessions the moment when I received from Aryan the suggestion to open this school and believe in my potential as a Producer. - He really makes difference!!!


BORN TWICE | Paris | Francia | @borntwice

I am really proud to say Born Twice were my students into the class. They are very talented producers and actually they are part of this team (as ALLIENAGE MUSIC are a label too). I really could know producers from next generation that I am sure they will impact into the market in a very near future. I guess you all to check their sounds at SoundCloud/borntwice.


MICHAL WIATROWSKI | Warszawa | Poland | @michal_wiatrowski

Michal are my first student from Poland. It's really amazing to see my method helping people from another side of Planet. He is a music producer focused on Moody Techno. Check his soundcloud profile!



Enjoy the special Allienage selection made with the ears and eyes from one that lived the universe of music production during the last 16 years. The packs available are a mix of the best sounds and THE RARE sounds you are trying to find but you can't. This weapons will help you to focus on music creation only.

  • ALLIEN SAMPLES: An updated and most required drum kits, sounds fx, synth shots, atmospheres + * ORCHESTRAL DRUMS *

  • ALLIEN SYNTHS: +180 Premium Presets to use with Massive, Serum and Diva.

  • ALLIEN ONE: Allien Samples, Allien Synths pack + Extra (Ableton Racks, Full Ableton Stock Plugins Project).



Here you can select the services that match with your needs, specially if you are looking to a professional career. To help you with it we have a board of team focused in the proper service we offer. Below you can find the list of services and request it instantly.



The perfect mix for your music.

Offered to stricter users which looks for a balanced mix, made with plugins.




Master with quality by analog components.

Offered for the best sound quality possible made with analog components.




All you need to sound great!

Save 10% with our full mix & mastering service pack.



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